Behind the Brand

Our Story

In the early stages of my art career, I studied various traditional fine art mediums. My art school experience left me feeling like serious art must be deep and dark. I left college burdened by a new set of self-imposed rules, suffocating self-criticism, and overwhelming pressure regarding my artmaking, which really sucked the fun out of what had been a lifelong passion. After college, I began teaching myself graphic design at Youtube university and grappled with letting go of my fragile identity as an 'Artist' with a capital 'A'. While I loved the opportunity of graphic design, I yearned for the tactile experience of physical materials. After 3 years as an in-house designer at a stationery company, I cultivated an affinity for illustration, finding solace in creating whimsical pieces purely for the joy they brought.

Inner child knows best

Inspired to reconnect with my pre-art school self, I reached for a trusty crayon and began sketching things that brought me joy, eventually giving birth to the "Prosecco" art print. After receiving a 'that’s SO cute' text from my bestie and rediscovering the liberating, child-like joy I was seeking, I felt empowered to create more, knowing that I was onto something. This blending of physical materials and digital manipulation created a perfect harmony of my creative worlds.

Italy Everyday

Spanish, French, and Italian cultures are large sources of inspiration, sparked by my first trip abroad in 2015. I had spent many years yearning for international travel until finally manifesting my dream of studying art in Italy. This initially felt like an unattainable fantasy, growing up in an environment where such aspirations seemed out of reach; the idea of studying abroad in Italy appeared distant and surreal. However, my dream life had become a reality – sitting and having a spritz on a patio, hosting dinner parties with my new friends in an apartment overlooking the duomo, and walking through the streets of Firenze to my ‘en plein air’ oil painting class. My work is infused with the burning desire to manifest your dreams, but it's also about celebrating the simple things that are already within your reach and creating special moments everyday.