About us

Phthalo Ruth was founded by husband and wife team, Meghan Kreger, a passionate illustrator, and Emerson Castro, with a background in art direction. Combining their talents, they created a brand that celebrates life's little luxuries. Each Phthalo Ruth print begins as a loving hand-drawn artwork by Meghan, then undergoes digital manipulation to capture the essence of everyday moments that spark happiness.

Our Products

Our fine art prints are printed on heavyweight, museum-quality 230 gsm matte paper with archival pigment inks to resist fading and weathering. We use a high-resolution printing process to ensure exceptional detail and vibrant colors. All prints are designed to fit standard frame sizes, making it easy to find the perfect frame for your space.

Our Vision

Our heart is in our prints, but we love collaborating with other brands who specialize in hand-crafted products. We are excited to grow and expand into a stationery brand, offering beautiful and functional products that inspire creativity and spread joy. We envision greeting cards, notebooks, and planners that complement our art prints and help you celebrate life's little moments in every aspect of your day.

a look behind the scenes

About the Designer

Exploring and celebrating life's little luxuries. Designer + illustrator based in Brooklyn, NY.

Back to basics

I studied fine art with an emphasis in oil painting in college. I left school with a set of self-imposed rules and the pressure to make my work deep and dark. I put so much pressure on my work, I ended up abandoning my practice altogether for a few years. After graduation, I started teaching myself graphic design on youtube and eventually built a strong enough portfolio to land me a position as a graphic designer at a stationery company. There, I developed a deep appreciation for illustration and loved the ability to create art with the intention of joy - not to necessarily make something profound.

Inner child knows best

Inspired to rediscover why I loved making art so much in the first place, I reached for a box of crayola crayons. I began to sketch some of my favorite things - a croissant, a bottle of prosecco, a coffee mug... The drawings brought me so much joy to create and look at. My first art print, "Prosecco" was born! The thesis of this art print has inspired everything we create at Phthalo Ruth. It's all about celebrating life's little luxuries and manifesting more moments of everyday bliss - however simple they may be.

Italy Everyday

Spanish, French, and Italian cultures are large sources of inspiration, sparked by my first trip abroad in 2015. I had spent many years yearning for international travel until finally manifesting my dream of studying art in Italy. This felt like a very unattainable goal in the environment I grew up in. The idea of studying abroad in Italy was distant and surreal. Magically, my dream life had become a reality, sitting and having a spritz on a patio, hosting dinner parties with my new friends in an apartment overlooking the duomo, and walking through the streets of Firenze to my ‘en plein air’ oil painting class. I pull inspiration from my memories there, yearning to have them again but also optimistic knowing I have the power to create more memories. My work is infused with a desire to manifest your dreams, but it's also about celebrating the simple things that are already within your reach and creating special moments every day.